Discover How You Can Apply The Various Kung Fu Techniques Of The Shaolin Monks To Boost Your Affiliate Commission Using The GOOGLE AdWords Model


Adwords Kungfu

And Without Having To Become A Shaolin Monk Yourself!

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From The Desk Of: Richard Quek

Dear friend,

How would you like to master the Art of Affiliate Marketing using the techniques that the Kung Fu Masters have been using for centuries? Yes, every strategy in life can be related to these Kung Fu techniques.

This ebook is not for the feint hearted. It is packed with speed, power and deception. After all many of the Kung Fu techniques are copied from the movements of animals such as the monkey, tiger, eagle, etc.

If you are a beginner in the Internet marketing and Affiliate marketing arena, then this ebook may not be suitable for you. Go and get some basic information first and then come back to grab this ebook.

RobertMy name is Richard Quek and I come from the sunny country of Malaysia. I have been marketing on the Internet for the past 8 years. I have authored more than 10 books. These are marketed on the Internet as ebooks and in book shops as paperbacks. I have also trained and assisted many Internet marketers through my Internet marketing seminars and bootcamps.

I authored this ebook because of my interest to teach others to become more successful in their Online business. Seriously if money is the main reason I would not be charging for this ebook this ridiculously low price. Find out about the price later...

First of all let me tell you what this ebook is NOT about...

1) It is not some rehashed information that you can get elsewhere for FREE.
2) It is not written by ghost writers. Ahh sooo...it is written by Sifu Richard Quek.
3) It is not a 500 page ebook. I do not want to waste your time reading lots of fluff and fillers.
4) It is not a "Quick Fix" program that promise you Instant riches. If you are looking for a get-rich-quick program, then this is definitely not for you!
5) It is not a $197.00 ebook. It is not even a $47.00 ebook. Hey, it is not free, but will cost you the price of a Pizza.

I guess you are curious to find out what it is all about...

Before I tell you how it can assist you let me introduce you to the ebook.

Sound of drum roll...

Announcing the arrival of...

eBook Cover

"AdWords Kung Fu"

“Kung Fu Techniques For Successful Affiliate Marketing Using the GOOGLE Adwords Model”

If you can apply the power of the mind to your marketing, you are well on your way to success.

“How To Apply the Power of the Mind to your Marketing”

The Adwords Kung Fu ebook will REVEAL to you How to Easily and Quickly generate continuous affiliate commission on auto-pilot without having to own your own products or services.

Here are some of the benefits...

1. The ebook is simple and easy to comprehend. I have made it entertaining by relating the strategies to Chinese Kung Fu techniques.
The Crane Tiger Claw
The Crane
Tiger Claw
2. It is practical and effective for those who have some knowledge of Internet marketing and Affiliate marketing.
3. The kung fu strategies will allow you to put your affiliate marketing on auto-pilot. You can be relaxing at the beach and having a glass of champagne (or any of your favorite drink) and still have the system work for you. It's that powerful!
4. It comes with a simple Product Profile Sheet to enable you to do some brain storming.
5. It comes with a Squeeze Page Creator software that will allow you to create a Squeeze Page on the fly. Just add a few details and click generate. Lol and behold...you will have your Squeeze page that you can immediately upload to your server.
6. You'll discover how the "Dragon" kung fu technique is strong and mighty. Master it and you'll have conquered your failures! What about the "Tiger Claw" technique? Master it and your competitors will be knocked out completely!
7. The ebook will not put a big hole in your pocket. You'll be pleasantly surprised and shocked with the price...seriously!
8. You can take part in our affiliate program that pays out 75% commission. This is only open to our customers. Hey, you need to appreciate the ebook before you can promote effectively.
9. And many other benefits that you will get by digesting the ebook.

Here are some testimonials from those who have been impacted by the ebook..

Kung Fu parallels are motivating, insightful and inspirational...

In his latest ebook, Adwords Kung Fu, Richard has done it again. This ebook is filled with information and directives that are clear and concise and will ultimately lead to success if followed. He explains the logic behind each step very clearly.

Kung Fu parallels are motivating, insightful and inspirational. Graphics and flowcharts are helpful and interesting. When combined with the wealth of information packed into the pages, and Richard’s willingness to generously share his expertise, one walks away with the ebook knowing at the price it’s quite a steal!

Audrey Ciraulo

...new ideas and technics that will help me to imporve my PPC campaigns...

Hi Richard

Your new ebook is very interesting and informative, I already found some new ideas and technics that will help me to imporve my PPC campaigns and make them more profitable.

David Zohar

...A refreshing approach to the basic and advanced strategies...

Hi Richard

Your "Adwords Kung Fu" ebook is an oasis in the dessert of strategies related to PPC marketing. :) A refreshing approach to the basic and advanced strategies one should apply to Adwords's ads described through a unique concept that makes the absorbing of the information easier and more effective.

This is one of the few ebooks I have PRINTED and I shall be reading it before creating a campaign in Adwords indeed.

Thanks for the wisdom you share with this resource.


John Delavera

...emphasis on keyword bidding and reverse psychology...

Hi Richard,

This is a terrific guide for beginners, especially if they want to incorporate adwords through affiliate promotion.

Your resources alone, including the emphasis on keyword bidding and reverse psychology in ad copy, will likely help any newcomer save a lot of time and money. And in this industry, that is critical. Especially if one doesn't know where to start.

Good job.

Joel Holtzman

...thanks for taking your time to share about Internet marketing with the asian community...

Hey Richard

Before I even read your ebook, I just wanna thank you. Here's why.....

In late 2004, you came to Singapore to promote your seminars, that's when I first know anything about internet marketing. I just started working & can't afford your seminar, so I didn't go.

In late 2005, I finally got my first site up & running & since late 2006, I've been profitable every single month & the income keeps getting better each month.

Anyway, thanks for taking your time to share about Internet marketing with the asian community. You got me started in this business.

If you ever drop by Singapore, contact me, I'll buy you dinner.

Best Regards,

The Ultimate Publishing Blog: For Super Affiliates

...you've revealed some killer stuff...

Hi Richard

You've revealed some killer stuff. Adwords Kung Fu certainly delivers quite a few punches. It's well worth the price. Anyone who's halfway interested in getting into the adwords arena will definately be pleased.

Gregory L. Lipscomb
TyPoFlipping Crash Course

Okay I am sure you are curious to find out the cost of "Adwords Kung Fu"? Understand that you will probably have to pay between $47.00 to $197.00 for a similar ebook like this from other web sites.

I charge $497.00 for my Internet marketing home study course. Check out the web site if you want:


Students are paying me more than $1,500.00 to attend my 2 1/2 days seminar. Frankly speaking, my time is very expensive.

So how much is it? It is definitely NOT $197.00 or $47.00. It is NOT even $19.95.
Drum roll again...

Only $9.95

There is however one small catch. This "no brainer" price is only limited to the next 1,000 copies sold. After that the price will be revised to $47.00 like all my other ebooks.

...It's ingenious and is a great way to learn and master the powerful strategies faster...

Hi Richard

Adwords Kung Fu is downright entertaining and at the same time packed with amazing information on how to market effectively using Google Adwords.

I love your style of incorporating kung fu with extraordinary internet marketing strategies! It's ingenious and is a great way to learn and master the powerful strategies faster. You're truly a brilliant marketer! My only question is: why charge only $9.95 when your strategies can superboost anyone's profits to the next level?

Michael Lee

...help me generate traffic using Google AdWords and increase my conversion...

Hi Richard

Very interesting concept creating online AdWords strategies based on successful martial arts techniques.

AdWords Kung Fu is very easy to read, and the strategies and tips outlined will help me generate traffic using Google AdWords and increase my conversion.

You've got a lot of useful resources in there!

Mike Mograbi
Internet Marketing News Watch


Why am I selling it at this dirt cheap price?

The answer is simple... I want it to reach the hands of as many people as possible. I know that many aspiring Internet marketers out there are struggling to have a breakthrough. Most of the great ebooks out there on the Internet can be quite costly!

The only thing I ask is that if the ebook assist you to become more successful, then just shoot me a short testimonial. Is that fair or not?

Are you looking for BONUSES? There are no bonuses here because I do not wish to fill up your hard disk with plenty of junk ebooks and software. I am sure you know what I mean?

If you are looking for a BONUS than come back when the price is reset to $47.00. Honestly at $9.95 you do not need any Bonuses!



60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Okay if you find that the ebook is not what you expected than I do not want your money. Just let me know within 60 days and I'll send you a courteous refund.


So if you are ready to grab your copy..

(check the box, then click the "Order Now" Link)

Richard, Give me my Adwords Kung Fu Now!

YES! I would like immediate access to the ‘Adwords Kung Fu’ ebook - Kung Fu Techniques For Successful Affiliate Marketing Using the GOOGLE Adwords Model, so that I can start learning the fundamentals of Affiliate marketing and bring my Online business to the next level.

I understand that I'll receive the e-book in PDF format within the next 5 minutes.

I also understand that I am entitled to the promotional price of ONLY US$9.95 and that my purchase is subject to a 60 days 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.


Click Below To Grab Your Copy


(It does not matter if it is 2.00am in the morning)


My friend, this is not a sales gimmick at all. Do not judge the quality and value of the ebook by its existing price. The information contain within Adwords Kung Fu will provide you with a "knock out" blow just like the movie by the late Bruce Lee - The Fist Of Fury!

Stop and think about it. The truth is that $9.95 is really a drop in the ocean and you take no risk at all. You can take the ebook for a test drive and if it is not what you expected, just email me for a refund within 60 days. I am the one taking the risk and NOT YOU!

I thank you for your patience in reading this page. I hope that you'll make a wise decision today.


Best Wishes,

Richard Quek

Richard Quek


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